How To Buy From Amazon In Nigeria

How I Buy From Amazon – The Buying, Shipping and Delivery:
Amazon online store is one the largest and trusted online shopping site in the world with several interesting departmental stores online where one can actually make secure purchases online and have bought items delivered safely to your doorstep here in Nigeria. It seem to be a bit wonder to so many Nigerians.

I have received lots of requests, mails and friendship chats asking me on “how is that possible legitimately?” The fact is, anyone can buy from Amazon departmental stores but there are some destination delivery restrictions of certain items to certain countries for reasons best known to them.

The good news is that Amazon do online transactions, accept payments from Nigeria without having to go through the back door. Read on…

How Can I Buy Goods on Amazon and Have Them Shipped To My Doorstep In Nigeria?
Firstly, you can only buy books, gift cards, and flowers from Amazon, have them shipped directly by Amazon to Nigeria with any of the locally issued debit card information by any of the Nigerian banks. Take note, you don’t need to change your Nigeria IP address, Amazon 100% accepts Nigerians online both to sell and to buy goods at their platform.
Secondly, to buy anything on Amazon like mobile phones, electronics, including automobile etc and have any shipped to your doorstep here in Nigeria, two things are basically involved.
1. You’ll need to have a valid US physical address to use as a shipping address; may be a physical address of a friend, business partner or relative living in the US because some merchants wouldn’t ship outside the US. He or She can send received item to you here in Nigeria.
2. Acquiring a US Virtual address – You’ll need to sign up with a performing forwarding address company in US, there could be free ones, but I don’t just like free things at certain sensitive matters. I personally use a paid one for over three years now to receive my purchased items on Amazon without any funny stories whatsoever. The valid US suite number, address and number provided by the US Virtual Office Address company will serve as the shipping address…The also provide you with a tracking system with chosen courier service under their platform(DHL or FEDEX) to track your goods on transit till the get to your doorstep here in Nigeria.
This is 100% legitimate, and you can’t mess around it because during setup and verification with, your real ID and source of payment will be confirmed. Below are screen shots of my recently purchased items amongst others on Amazon store, already delivered to me here in Nigeria.



Screen Shot Image: Sensitive information are blurred


Quick Summary on How To Get Started:

  • Get any of Nigerian banks issued card [Verve, Master or Visa], GTBank and Zenith rock good for me.
  • Signup a personal US virtual address account with
  • Open or sign up for an Amazon account, it’s free! In your account settings, use your regular Nigerian address for profile, update payment/billing segment with your card information like your Names, card numbers, expiring date, CVV( last three numbers written at the back of your ATM card) and billing address on your ATM card account. Please ask your bank for more information on that.
  • Use the given US address and number obtained from to update your shipping address with Amazon account.
Once a purchase is made after updating of your Amazon account with the required information, Amazon will send item to your given shipping address in US, MyUs will finally weigh received items on your behalf(your given US Suite number) and bill you for the shipping to your choice of destination including Nigeria via DHL or FEDEX.
  • Watch out for when Amazon will be offering discounts and rebate pricing, this could happen at special times and seasons of the year especially Mothers Day, Easter, Christmas, New Year Eve, or festive times, Black Friday or Cyber Monday( a Friday before the thanksgiving or Monday after thanksgiving), at such times, you could get  50 to 70% OFF on price tags.
  • To successfully make purchase on any merchant site in the world where
    Nigeria is listed among others, I encourage you to have your card
    activated for online purchases via a given VISA/MASTER card secure link by your bank
    or have that done if you’re subscribed to Internet banking. “This is the core
    reason when not done, your card might not work on major sites like Amazon
    and the likes though Nigeria may be listed.”
  • You can actually make good profits buying goods at cheap prices and reselling them to friends, colleagues, and relatives here in Nigeria like Laptops, Digital cameras, Electronics, Mobile Phones, Toys, Games, Clothing, Accessories, Books, Wrist Watches, jewelries…just name it. I legitimately enjoy shopping online and making good profits doing same, anyone can! Feel free to leave comments or share with us your own experience on the comment box.
  • The same process is applicable to buying online on other merchant sites that do enlist Nigeria for card billing information but do not ship outside the US.

Have Your Very Own U.S. Mailing Address

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