MTN Data Plan and Subscription Codes

MTN Data Plans for Mobile Phones:
MTN Nigeria is known to be the most popular and widely covered GSM network service provider, without any doubt the also offer Internet data bundles for mobile phones, data modems, and other mobile devices like the iPad amongst others. MTN Nigeria offers various data bundles to suite your need on mobile phone and computer platforms respectively.
Presently, for any sim card to be activated with the Internet, it must be first registered with the network provider as directed by the regulatory body, Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC). To setup or activate your sim card for any Internet access and data plan, you’ll need to send an SMS by typing SETTINGS and sending to 3888 from
your mobile phone unless it is the FastLink modem which is already pre-configured to take any of the data plans chosen.
MTN Nigeria Internet Settings – Manual Internet configuration for phones and computers:
The following Internet settings are applicable to GPRS or 3.5G.
  • Account Name:                                  MTN GPRS
  • Access Point Name (APN):     
  • IP Address:                              
  • Port:                                                   8080 or 9201
  • Username:                                         web
  • Password:                                          web
MTN Mobile Phone Data Plans (Bundle):
Internet subscription codes on phone plans: Text the data plan code to 131 and send.
  • Daily Plan      –  Data: 10MB      24hrs     Cost: N100     Code: 104 to 131
  • Weekly Plan   –  Data: 25MB      7days    Cost: N400     Code: 105 to 131
  • Monthly Plan –  Data: 200MB    30days  Cost: N1000    Code: 106 to 131
  • Monthly Plan –  Data: 375MB    30days  Cost: N1300    Code: 109 to 131
  • Monthly Plan –  Data: 750MB    30days  Cost: N2000    Code: 110 to 131
  • Monthly Plan    Data: 1.5GB      30days  Cost: N3500    Code: 111 to 131
MTN Blackberry Internet Service (BIS):
  • Weekly Plan    – Duration: 7days   Cost: N500   Activation Code: Text BBCWEEK to 21600
  • Monthly Plan  –  Duration: 30days Cost: N1500 Activation Code: Text BBC to 21600
  • Quarterly Plan – Duration: 90days Cost: N4500 Activation Code: Text BBQ to 21600
  • To check your BIS balance or expiry date, text STATUS to 21600

General MTN Nigeria Data Plans (Bundle):
The following Internet subscription codes and data plans cover data modems for computers and iPad:

  • Daily       –  Data: 150MB   24hrs.                       Cost: N500.    Code: 103 to 131
  • Night       –  Data: 3GB.      9pm-6am                  Cost: N2500   Code: 102 to 131
  • Daytime  –  Data: 3GB.      9am-9pm(30days)    Cost: N6000   Code: 107 to 131
  • Weekend –  Data: 3GB      (Fri 9pm-Mon 6am)  Cost: N3000   Code: 108 to 131
  • Monthly  –  Data: 5GB      24/7 (30days)            Cost: N8000   Code: 101 to 131

MTN Simple Surf Plan – Hourly Internet Bundle Subcrition codes:
To activate your desired simple surf data bundle plan, text the keyword to 131

  • 2 Hours   N250        – Text 2H to 131      Validity(1day)
  • 20 Hours  N1,500    – Text 20H to 131    Validity(7days)
  • 100 Hours N5,000   – Text 100H to 131  Validity(30days)
  • 300 Hours N13,000 – Text 300H to 131  Validity(90days)
To change to another data plan at will, text RESET to 131 and you’re to go with a new desired subscription of choice with ease.

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