How To Setup Custom Domain on Blogger

Custom Domain Blogger Tips and Videos: 
The Blogging innovation has gone wide and better for anyone using or intending to express his or her driving passion via a Blog. This software platform for bloggers on blogspot now offer two major free publishing options to enable you customize your own blog with a domain name of your choice []. 
You can freely host your blogger site with Google blogger if you purchase or register your domain name with them or have your already registered domain customized and hosted on Blogger.
Custom Domain Blogger Publishing Options:
1. Buy a custom domain name through Blogger – This will make it much easier for you to purchase a domain with your bank issued Master or Visa card, and have your blogspot automatically configured and hosted by blogger, especially if you do have less knowledge about web hosting and CPanel management.

2. You can host your blogspot on an already purchased or registered domain of yours – Here, it is a little bit technical to have it properly setup on a custom domain name. This Video below by Blogger Help YouTube Channel will show you how to purchase and setup your custom domain through Blogger. 
Watch this Classic Tutorial below on how to get it done powered by YouTube.
This help tutorial shows you how to customize your Blogspot with your registered domain and have it hosted on Google Blogger:

This YouTube Video shows you how to custom your domain on Blogger Using NameCheap Domain Registrar: